Playing Hurt

Playing Hurt - Holly Schindler Holly Schindler has never failed to rock my socks! Her debut novel, A Blue So Dark, continues to top my favorite book list, and this, her second book is going to go right up there with it. This book is completely different from her issue-charged, emotionally challenging, A Blue So Dark, but it was just as good and just as lyrically beautiful.I loved this story of Chelsea, an athlete who is injured and can no longer play basketball, which is her passion, and Clint, an ex-hockey player, who is injured just as badly, except he is emotionally damaged. Chelsea and Clint's whirlwind romance took me on a crazy ride and I devoured every page, every moment that they spent together and was left completely breathless and satisfied, yet dying to read more!!!Chelsea was a fantastic female lead. She was damaged and vulnerable, but she was also incredibly strong and so smart, snarky, and funny (which is one of my favorite combinations). Clint was so completely swoon worthy. He keep my heart fluttering and I fell completely in love with him right along with Chelsea.Overall, this is a great story of healing, moving on, and learning to live your life each day to the fullest and never holding back. The writing is absolutely beautiful, I was once again left feeling like I should be writing down my favorite quotes but realizing I would be writing almost the whole book down! I recommend this book to anyone who loves love. Anyone who loves a story that will leave you with a smile on your face and a skip in your step needs to pick this book up RIGHT NOW!