Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Series #1)

Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book. I've read alot of mixed reviews for this series, but I wanted to give it a go and see what I thought for myself. I'm glad I did. Harper Connelly was struck by lightning when she was young, ever since she had been able to sense dead bodies. She finds them, and then she can see their last moments, find out how it was that they died. Harper gets called to Sarne to find a missing teenage girl, but when she gets there she finds that most in this small town don't want her there at all. So when she finds the girl she plans to get out as quickly as possible. Only problem is, the girl was murdered and there are more dead bodies showing up in town. Harper and her step-brother Tolliver are under suspision from the police and are asked not to leave.But, someone wants them out bad! And they're gunning for Harper and Tolliver. It looks like this time Harper may have to get involved more than she wants if she's going to get her and her brother out of this little town alive.Harper is a strange character, she brings up her crappy childhood alot, and after reading it a few times it does get kind of annoying, but she's also funny and loyal. The story kept you involved and trying to figure out what exactly was going on in this strange town. It wasn't the greatest book that I've read lately, but it was still good and I plan to pick up the next in the series soon.