Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann Cryer's Cross was a fantastic mystery that keep me guessing what was happening, what had happened, and what would happen until the very end. This was a really dark and spooky read, but in a very unique way. I'm not sure I've ever read anything like before. It had a completely different feel from any other horror/scary story/mystery I've read.The characters in this book are fascinating and colorful. Kendall is trying to deal with her OCD. This made her a very interesting character to read. To be in the head of someone with OCD and partially realize what it is they go through and the way their mind processes things was completely fascinating. Nico was your classic small town boy, but he was so sweet and loyal that you couldn't help but love him. Our new boy in town, Jacian, was mysterious and sexy. He was completely irritating, yet completely charming all at the same time, which really makes for a heart-thumping love interest.Overall this book completely spooked me out. I wasn't really scared, just completely spooked. A fast read that I flew through in no time and enjoyed each page! I'm not going to talk about the storyline because outside of the description there isn't much I can say that wouldn't be spoilers. I definitely recommend this to any YA lover who likes to read about things that go bump in the night.