The Goddess Legacy: The Goddess QueenThe Lovestruck GoddessGoddess of the UnderworldGod of ThievesGod of Darkness

The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comThe Goddess Legacy shows that there really is two sides to every story.The Goddess Queen - If you've read the first two books in this series then you know that you are rooting for Hera to take a fall. Goddess Queen is the story of Hera and Zeus' marriage and it's utter failure. Reading how horribly Hera had been treated and seeing her feeling for Hades begin so far back, and how purely they had started, I couldn't help but suddenly root for her to win. Lovestruck Goddess is the sweet story of Aphrodite and her loving heart. I loved seeing Aphrodite with Eros as a toddler. That was my favorite part of this particular tale. It showed a softer side of the goddesses that you don't normally get. Seeing Aphrodite struggle between the love of two very different brothers (and as the goddess of love, that is VERY hard) was so sad.Goddess of the Underworld - I loved reading Persephone's POV of her life with Henry, from their wedding until she became mortal. We got the story of this in pieces from both the other books from every one else's views, but reading Persephone's side of things was great. I really like her as a character and I loved seeing the mean side of Aphrodite. God of Thieves - Hermes/James is my favorite of all the gods/goddesses in Aimee Carter's world. Seeing the story of this girl he loved was such a treat. It really broke my heart seeing how his family ostracized him because of what happened with Persephone, and his hunger for familial ties. Seeing Henry continue to punish him in the ways he did in this story made me want to reach through the pages and pummel him.God of Darkness is the story of Henry wanting to fade and the girls who tried before Kate. This was absolutely heartbreaking to read. There is a moment with him and James that made up for the last story. It was incredibly sweet and redeemed Henry for me. God of Darkness also tells the story of why Kate's mother decided to have her.I absolutely loved reading all of these tales from the different gods/goddesses perspectives. It really showed such incite into them and i could see why some of them did so many things they did during the previous books! If you are a fan of mythology at all, I recommend The Goddess Legacy!