Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire Series #2)

Wings of the Wicked - Courtney Allison Moulton Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comWhile I really enjoyed Angelfire, Courtney Allison Moulton's debut novel, and book one in this series, I enjoyed Wings of the Wicked so much more. While Angelfire had more world-building in it, Wings was full of so much more action and emotion. We really get to dive so much deeper into the lives of the characters and learn so much more about them as people. What makes them tick and what makes them fall apart.Wings of the Wicked was full of one emotional punch after the other. I felt a little wrung out after it was all over! Poor Ellie, Will, and the rest of the players get put through more than I could have possibly imagined for them. They don't always take it standing up, but I love that they are all so strong. Even if they get knocked down for awhile, either physically or emotionally, they eventually come back up swinging. Although, not everyone comes out of this fight alive.There were times in the book that I felt things were a little over explained, or that the angel mythology part would bog it down, but those were far over shadowed by the extravagant fight scenes, the tender love scenes, and the enduring friendship moments. Overall, I think Wings of the Wicked was a great edition to the Paranormal/Angel shelf, full of shock and awe moments that left my mouth hanging open and had me closing the book with a thud and saying "WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!". I can't wait to see where the next book will take us.