The Deathday Letter

The Deathday Letter - Shaun David Hutchinson As the readers note on the very first page will tell you. There will be no miracle, no deus ex machina, that will come in and save our lovable main character. He will die at the end of the book, but the point is not his death, it's his life.That statement is very true for this book. I fell so totally in love with Ollie that I kept wishing for that miracle, even though I knew it wasn't coming. Ollie was a fantastic person to be able to get inside the head of. He's funny and interesting, smart and just incredibly lovable. Being inside of a teenage boys head was a trip, the constant thought of sex and food had me rolling around laughing. This was a great new take on death. Would you really want to know you're going to die 24 hours before it happens? I thought I would, but now I'm not so sure. It's not enough time to change anything, not enough time to make a mark on the world, not enough time to travel. There is just enough time to see all of your love ones grieve. But Ollie sure did his best to make the most of his Deathday!The relationships between the characters was a great thing to be a part of. Ollie and his best friend were fantastic, they are close-knit friends who took each other as they really are and don't judge. Ollie and Ronnie (the girl he is in love with) had an interesting relationship, and you really get to dig deep into it as the book progresses. Ollie and his grandmother had such a wonderful, loving relationship that it really made me miss my grandmothers!While the tone of this book was really light-hearted and funny, there was such a deeper and darker meaning to each event. You can really start to contemplate the meaning of life and death and what your life has meant, or you could just take it at the lighthearted surface and laugh your butt off. Either way, there is something amazing in this book for everyone and I suggest you all go out and get your copy now!