Bound By Sin (Cin Craven Novels)

Bound By Sin (Cin Craven Novels) - Jenna Maclaine Cin gets summoned home to Ravenworth. Her cousin has been kidnapped by a Georgian plantation owner. Cin and Michael must go to Devil's Island to try and get her back. Only problem is that there is a user of dark magic on the island, and it calls to Cin's magic, making it hard to control.I absolutely adore this series! I love that Cin has ties to the human world that keep her and the Righteous grounded. They are all great characters, strong, loyal, and easy to love. This book is feeled with action, romance, adventure, and mystery. With vampires, witches, gods, and ghosts, this book is a thrill ride a minute!! I adore this series and can't wait for the next installment to see what Cin will get herself into next!! 5stars!