Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris Just a warning, I may mention a spoiler from previous books in the series, it's pretty impossible not to....OK, I really have mixed feeling with this book. While I really enjoyed it the whole time I was reading, I also felt really disappointed when it was over. This book was a lot about Sookie's recovery after the faery wars and her dealing with everyone in her life moving on and having a life of their own. While I appreciated just getting to visit the Sookie world and the characters without it being a constant crisis, one right after the other, I still felt that the storyline should have been more evolved and more of the loose strings from previous books should have been resolved.There were a lot of great things that I did love about this book. Hunter (Hadley's son that is like Sookie) finally gets some time in this book and those parts were a lot of fun to read. Claude gets some time and I actually came to like him as a character, which is a big change, because I hated him I'm sad that Amelia leaves at the beginning of the story, I really liked her character. All in all, it just seemed that this book was a bunch of little subplots all stuck together instead of having a main plot that drove the story. While each subplot was interesting on it's own, and there was some good character development, I'm still a little disappointed by the time the end came around with no big bang.