Collector (Dante Walker Novel)

The Collector - Victoria Scott Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comThe Collector by Victoria Scott was just pure fun. Dante is a sexy demon who is out to get Charlie's soul. We know from the beginning that he is not the good guy. Thing is, I don't think I care. He is smooth, and take charge, and I'm so ready to have my soul sealed by this bad bad boy!Charlie is a great character. She is flawed, and normal. She doesn't have your cookie cutter perfect looks. She has bad teeth, and bad skin. Hello, she's a teen!! I think most of us had a least a few cases of acne, and I know that I had to have braces to fix my funky teeth!When Dante starts pointing out all her flaws like they make her "less" it just pisses me off! Charlie is one of those people who is just ultimately happy with who she is and where she is in life. She has great friends and is doing charity work that makes her happy. When she starts letting Dante's words get to her I want to scream!Things change when Dante gets to know Charlie. Charlie makes that bad boy go good. I love that he is suddenly seeing her gorgeous mouth and smile instead of her bad teeth and just wants to do things to make her smile more. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Dante's revelation had come too late.The twist at the end was a lot of fun, even though I had hoped that was going to be the outcome, I wasn't for sure. I can not wait for The Liberator to see what comes next for Dante and Charlie. The Collector was full of fun, fantastic characters, friendships that are so real and heartwarming, and one sexy sexy boy!! I know Demon/Angel books can be hit and miss sometimes, but Victoria Scott's was a big hit for me!Favorite Quote:(taken from uncorrected galley) "I know, dude. One second you think I ain't half bad, the next you want to castrate me. Touche`." - Dante Walker