The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel

The Girl Who Chased the Moon - Sarah Addison Allen Sarah Addison Allen is one of my top authors, every book I've read by her has had the highest rating possible, and this one was no exception. The way she weaves small mysteries and magics into every character is beautiful. From the moment they grace the page each character is priceless, and you can't help but to instantly fall in love with them. They pull you into their worlds, their problems, and their lives and stories. I become so invested in her books that I can't tear myself away for anything. I grieved with Emily as she came to a new town, to live with a grandfather she's never met, or even heard of, after the death of her mother. My heart ached with Julia as she bumbled through the world that she had left, but was forced back into. I rejoiced with her as she learned that where she is, is actually where she was meant to be. I experience my first crush all over again as Emily met Win. I was in awe as I learned of the mystery of Emily's mother, why she left the town and never looked back, and the mysterious connection with Win's family. I laughed and and smiled and cried and went through the whole spectrem of emotions. A great read, my only problem is that I want more RIGHT NOW!!! Write fast please Sarah, write faster!