Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills - Anastasia Hopcus This was a great YA paranormal thriller. The supernatural element was completely unique to me. It revolved around science and mythology and put a brand new spin on both! A town full of people who are are completely human, but have more superior brain functions. Phe was a strong character that looked for the answers she wanted and refused to back down. She's trying to find answers to what happened to her sister, and in the process she also begins to find out who she really is. She was funny and charming, so easy to relate to. Zach was completely gorgeous, and a great male lead. Although he was occasionally cheesy with his mushy lines, he was also strong and always there for Phe. There was also great supporting characters. Phe met some great friends that were there for her from the beginning, but each had their own life and their own story. It was really refreshing that a YA main character was able to go get in trouble all by herself, without having to have a side-kick for every adventure.The mysteries were intricately spun, and each was resolved by the end of the book with just enough loose threads to lead to a sequel. I did figure out who the bad guy was before it was revealed, but not until almost the last minute. I'm sure this will lead to a sequel that I will be so excited to get my hands on. The setting of the small-town and the prep school were perfect and a lot of fun! Overall, this was a fantastic read that I recommend to YA and Adults! This was a great story to be able to lose myself in, I flew through it and when it was all over I wished for more!