A Blue So Dark

A Blue So Dark - Holly Schindler Such a lyrically beautiful book. You know how sometimes you'll find a sentence that just speaks to you, and you want to write it down somewhere so you don't forget? Well, almost the entire book was that sentence for me. Holly Schindler just has a way with words, that draws you right into the story and won't let you go until you've devoured every last word. This book really touches on a touch subject, but it was handled in such a real way. I really felt like I was living Aura's life with her. I wanted to scream and cry and rant as each event would come to pass. I was an emotional wreck...lol.There was no fluffy, generic happy ending with this one. No, you're all better now and there are no more problems. It was a happy ending that had to be struggled to achieve, and even then, it was only hanging on by a thread. But isn't that true of all of our happy endings? It's never really like the fairy tales, they get married and live HEA. No, it's a constant struggle to hold on to your HEA, and I'm glad this book showed just how true that is.I definitely recommend this book to all of you! I will be thinking about this book long after the pages stop turning, and I hope you pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did!