Liesl & Po

Liesl & Po - Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comThere were many things that I really enjoyed about Liesl & Po. I'm going to talk about those things first. Liesl & Po was an extremely cute fairy tale. I loved the thought of a sad and lonely little girl being so bright of a spirit that she caught the attention of a ghost. Not only that, but this ghost was able to help this poor girl move on after the death of her father and fulfill her father's last wishes and help him find peace. I think that the subtle way Lauren Oliver wrote these facts of death and grieving into the story was so beautiful.Then you get to the even more magical side of the fairy tale. You have an alchemist who has made some of the most powerful magic in the world. The only problem is that his apprentice has lost it because he can't help but go look at that same girl in the attic. Again, I loved how these two lonely children's tales ended up winding in to one and how everything fell into place. Lauren Oliver has such a beautiful and lyrical style of writing that I adore with all of her books and it was really evident in Liesl & Po.Now, here is where I had a problem with the story. The plot of Liesl & Po was very slow to take off. Most of the action didn't occur until the second half of the story. As a mother of a child in the age range that this book is intended for I read these types of books always thinking if they are something that my child would enjoy. I know that if I struggled to keep my attention on the first half of a book that was over 300 pages there is no way that my child would ever make it through. While I think the story itself is something that would really appeal, the pace was way too slow in my opinion, and that was the major downfall for me unfortunately.Overall, I think Liesl & Po was a great tale of friendship, moving on, and letting go. If you are a fan of Lauren Oliver's style of writing than I would suggest giving it a try!