Girl, Stolen

Girl, Stolen (Christy Ottaviano Books) - April Henry Wow, what a roller-coaster of a book! Cheyenne's plight was so compelling I didn't want to put this book down. I cannot imagine being blind, but this book really pulled me into Cheyenne's head and her world, and I pictured everything through her mind. Everything that would happen in the book, I would imagine it happening when all you could do was hear it, not see it. What a scary world that poor Cheyenne is pulled into.The characters in this book were great. Cheyenne was vulnerable, but she was so strong and resilient in the face of these dangerous men. She never gives up the fight, even when she's made them believe that she has. Griffin is a troubled kid that you can't help but feel sorry for. He's trying to be a good kid, but with a Dad that makes you steal for a living, that's not so easy. Roy, TJ, and Jimbo were so easy to hate. There was so many times that I wanted to jump into the pages and pummel them myself. I hated them passionately, and that is just a testament to the wonderful writing. April Henry really created a rich world, one that you can imagine every detail of. As I imagined Cheyenne running through the forest, I could feel the branches catching my face, the cold stinging my fingers and toes. It was a great ride. Although, I liked the way the book was wrapping up, my only complaint would be that it ended a little too abruptly. It could really use another paragraph there at the end.Overall it was a great read that I definitely recommend!