Also Known As

Also Known As - Robin Benway Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI picked up Also Known As simply because I thought the blurb sounded like it would be all kinds of fun! I wasn't wrong. Also Known As was an extremely fast and enjoyable read. I thoroughly enjoyed the quick pace, fantastic characters, and engaging plot. Maggie was an awesome lead character. She really popped off the pages. Maggie is extremely smart. She has been groomed to be a spy from birth. Very different from your average teen, but also the same in a lot of ways. With this new assignment making her assimilate into high school for the first time, we get to experience a lot of firsts with Maggie. we get to go with her as she goes to her first party, makes friends, her first kiss and more. The difference from other books is, she is doing all of this while being a spy. I love how involved Maggie's family is. They're not off on some mission of their own, conveniently written out of the story. They are right there, having morning meetings with her, freaking out when she comes home late. It was great seeing such involved and caring parents. Also ADORED Angelo, the family friend who is Maggie's mentor. He's suave, and quirky, and just a great addition to the family dynamic.My favorite character had to be Roux. She was hilarious, talked a mile a minute, had a swear jar with her doorman, was sorta sad but also awesome. She knew that she had screwed up big time in the past and was completely willing to admit that. She was willing to admit her mistakes and do things differently. I wish I could pull her out of the pages and make her my BFF.As for the love story, it was almost sickeningly cute. Both Maggie and Jesse were innocent and adorable. Their dates were too cute for words. Their banter was hilarious. I loved them despite myself.Also Known As was fast, fun, and pure entertainment. Robin Benway's humor shines through the pages loud and clear. I know that I am going to be bumping Audrey Wait up my TBR. If you like witty and entertaining writing, I recommended Also Known As to you!