Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Find more of my reviews at http://www.readingangel.comTahereh Mafi has a way of taking what you think you know and ripping it out of your brain and then stomping all over it. Be prepared for a game changer. Unravel Me is not your typical filler-sequel. A lot of action is going down in Unravel Me as well as a lot of crazy emotion and I was barely hanging on for the ride. I loved diving father into the heads of certain people and finding out what made them tick. At the same time, I would think I had someone figured out and an anvil would drop on my head!I love how Juliette really grew more into herself and her powers in Unravel Me. She really became a more independent creature and began to thrive. I loved seeing her less self-conscious. Kenji, who again, was one of my favorite characters, was a big part of breaking her out of her shell. He really just tells her how it is, no BS. I love that about him.Warner plays a much larger role in Unravel Me and there is one scene with between him and Juliette that had my heart beating in over drive and breaking in to a thousand pieces. While I came to love Warner so much more in Unravel Me, I think we were really shorted on time with Adam. He just wasn't given his fair dues. I am completely torn as to which guy I like more. I'm Team Juliette at this point.Unravel Me has a deep sense of foreboding over much of it and when the other shoe drops, it drops hard. The action is explosive and the ending, while not a terrible cliffhanger, still has me counting down days until I can get my hands on the next installment.