Death's Mistress (Dorina Basarab Series #2)

Death's Mistress - Karen Chance I just finished Death's Mistress by Karen Chance. Loved it!!! I love Chance's writing, and this was no exception. Action-packed from start to finish. Poor Dory is always jumping from one crisis to another, but she still finds time for some light, hilarious hanky-panky in between. This book has a blend of vamps, mages, dhampirs, fey, the works. I love Dory's character and all the hilarious side-characters, imagine a vampire that she decapitated as a sidekick (both the head and the body!) !! With glimpses of Mircea, Louis-Ceasar, The Consul and others from her Cassie Palmer series to clinch the deal, this is a must read for fans and newbies of Karen Chance alike :-)