Grace - Elizabeth Scott This review is going to be hard to write so please forgive me if it isn't exactly wonderful.Grace was a really tough subject matter to read about. The thought of a young girl being raised to believe that her whole life and purpose is to be a herald of death. To think that it will bring her glory to go out and kill herself and others in a bomb explosion is difficult for me to process. I cringed almost the whole time I was reading this book.The book starts with Grace being on the train as she runs away from the community where she grew up, all because she decided she wanted to live. As the story goes along her past, and why she ran away from it, is revealed. Also, the boy she is traveling with reveals his past, and I don't want to give anything away, but it was gruesome and just as hard to read as Grace's tragic life.The writing was beautiful, but I just couldn't get past the subject matter to the point where I could say that I loved it. All I know is that I will be glad to read more by Elizabeth Scott, but I never want to read about this type of subject matter again!