Waiting (Paula Wiseman Books)

Waiting (Paula Wiseman Books) - Carol Lynch Williams Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI started reading WAITING knowing that I was going to be a heart-broken mess by the time it was through. I had already read GLIMPSE by Carol Lynch Williams and I knew that she has a way of taking her verse novels and packing so much emotion, power, and heart-wrenching story into them that it leaves you gasping for breath through your tears. In WAITING London is spiraling down a hole of depression. Her mother has not said a word to her since the death of her brother, her brother who was her very best friend in the world. Her father has thrown himself into his work. Her friends don't know what to say to her. She is sad, and heart-broken, and utterly alone. When she makes a friend in a new girl who doesn't know the story of her brothers death, a little life starts to spark back into her. There's also the new girl's extremely hot brother. Let me just say that this book is not an epic romance. It's about a girl who is struggling to cope. Watching London lash out to get the attention of her mother, and just trying to feel alive, you can't help but root for the girl. Even if that does mean she strings a couple hearts along as she goes. I know that everyone deals with grief differently, but I could not stand this mother's selfish behavior towards her daughter!! I really just wanted to reach through the pages and smack her mother to be honest with you. I was bouncing in my seat and cheering when she finally stood up to her.Once again, Carol Lynch Williams has blown me away with another power-house verse novel of emotional depth. I plan to go find everything else she has written and read it as soon as I possibly can! If you don't mind a little heart-break in your books I suggest you grab a copy of this one for yourself!