On The Fringe

On the Fringe - Courtney King Walker Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI had no expectation when I started reading On the Fringe. It had been a year since I bought it, and I could not remember any of the hype from when it came out. The only thing I did know was that it was going to be a ghost story, and I love a good ghost story. Did I get what I was looking for? Yes and no.On the Fringe was a romance at heart. I really enjoyed the beginning, when we get to see Claire and Daniel starting to fall for each other, even though we know something bad is going to happen. It was a sweet time and I enjoyed the scenes of them together alive more than I did the rest. The love story really begins once Daniel is dead and Claire has a near-death experience, at which point she can see Daniel's ghost, and once a night they can touch and talk for a few short minutes. Besides their love feeling a little rushed, the romance was sweet and kept me reading to see how it would all turn out for them.The spooky ghost villain was where I really had a problem with On the Fringe. Like I said, I love a good ghost story, and I just did not like the bad guy. The reason that he was doing what he was doing was very unclear, or it was clear but never really matched the actions he was taking. What he was able to do was never clearly explained, and how he was defeated seemed to just be a fix-it solution. This part of the plot is why I had to drop it down to three stars.Overall, On the Fringe was a really sweet and enjoyable romance between a human and a ghost. If you enjoy romances I would recommend it based on that fact alone. As a scary ghost story on the other hand, it did fail a little, so it's all in what you are looking for.