Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) - This book was fantastic! I was drawn in and hooked from page one and couldn't stop thinking about it for days after I finished. I fell completely in love with the story and the characters and I think I'm ready for a re-read already (which I rarely do!)Cassia is a strong female lead that had followed the Society's rules set out for her for her whole life. When she starts falling for Ky, and her Grandfather dies and leaves her something special and forbidden, she starts questioning all those rules. She was funny and flawed, and someone I really connected with. The world created was great as well. The thought of a group of overseers controlling everything you do, what you read, what you eat, who you marry, where you work, is completely terrifying. When it came to a scene where they were incinerating books I almost, this was a thought-provoking, powerful, and very entertaining read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to read what Ally Condie comes up with next and I recommend this book to everyone!