Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1)

Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1) - Nightshade was such an amazing engaging read! I flew through this book at the speed of light because I couldn't stand to wait to find out what was going to happen next. This book was action-packed from beginning to end! One great thing about this book is that it doesn't waste a lot of time with the world-building. A lot of paranormal books take a long time to build up to the story because of the details, Andrea Cremer built a fabulous paranormal word for us without once every taking away from the story.I'm not normally all about the romance in a book, but this one is just too good not to talk about. I'm a big fan of the love triangle, even though at times it can be overdone. Anytime I've ever read a book/series with a triangle I always have a clear choice of who's side I'm on. There are times that I like both choices, but there is still one I like more than the other. Not this time! Ren and Shay are both so amazing. They both push different buttons for me and do it so well! If I could just forge them together somehow they might make the perfect male! All of the characters in this book were amazing. Each member of the pack had such rich personalities that they just popped of the page!Overall, this was an amazing read that I recommend to any YA or paranormal fan out there. This was such a breath of fresh air after reading some stale paranormal reads lately. I cannot wait for the next installment in the series to see what happens with Calla and the packs!