Angelfire (Angelfire Series #1)

Angelfire (Angelfire Series #1) - Angelfire was a unique story that was gripping and suspenseful, yet sweet and romantic as well. It was well rounded and kept my attention throughout. I really liked the storyline of a young girl being brought into her powers to fight these creatures, finding out she is someone who is helping in the ultimate battle of good verses evil.Ellie was an interesting character. She was very vulnerable and flawed, yet she could turn into this amazing fighting machine with a single minded purpose that kicks major butt. There were times that she was slightly annoying, but those moments were definitely outweighed by the moments she was amazing me. Will was swoon-worthy and definitely made my heart skip a few beats. He was so loyal and strong and hot! YUM! I need a Will that is all my own!The only thing I didn't love about the book was that I would have liked a little closure before the end of the book. I love series, and don't mind cliffhangers, but I still like at least part of a story, or some threads of the story, to be brought to a close each book. This one didn't really have an ending to any of the threads, it's just all kind of left in the open for future books in the series. That being said, I simply can't wait to find out where this series will go with book 2 and how the characters, relationships, and battle will develop.