The Mark

The Mark - Jen Nadol This was a very thought provoking novel. If you knew someone was about to die, should you tell them? Could you tell them? Would they even believe you? Would it even make a difference? That's just some of the questions that will fly through your head as you read this book. Although there wasn't a lot of action or romance in this story, it was still a great read that I found myself struggling to put down.Cassandra was instantly likable. She's had some hard knocks in her life, and this Mark she sees definitely doesn't make life any easier. Cassie is thrown into an adult life and she has to grow up very fast, so there isn't all the regular teen angst that you find in a lot of YA these days. Cassie was very mature and alot of fun to read and relate too.This book also incorporated Greek Mythology into the background and that was alot of fun for me. I love reading new takes and tales on mythology. All in all, this was a fun read that will be sticking with me for awhile. It also makes the cover lust come out in me. I definitely recommend this one!