Trapped - Michael Northrop I decided to read Trapped during a snow storm. I'm not so sure that was such a wise decision. Everytime I would take a break from reading I would get up expecting snow to be up to the roof and afraid to get out from under my blanket. It would take me a minute to realize I wasn't in a snowed in, freezing snowed in to the degree that these kids get snowed in is such a scary concept! I've been stuck in blizzards, but it's never been anything like that. There were times that I was so into the story that I wanted to scream ideas at the characters they could use to stay warm, like I would with a great movie. Ended up being that my ideas weren't as smart as what the teens would come up These kids were quite resourseful, coming up with ideas I never would have thought of. Although, I don't care how stinky we would have been after a few days, I would have been cuddling up with anyone and everyone searching for some body heat!The only thing I didn't love about the book was the abrupt ending. I would have really enjoyed an extra chapter letting us know how it all ended up being. Whether their parents had survived while they were trapped in the school, things like that, but it still didn't take too much away from the book.Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was a scary tale of what it takes to survive. The thought that it could actually happen to me has me hunting up flashlights, stocking up on food, and checking that I have propane and extra blankets everytime it snows!