The Vespertine

The Vespertine - Saundra Mitchell I'm normally not a huge fan of historical fiction, but occasionally one will catch my eye and I have to pick it up. This one was definitely not a disappointment. The Vespertine pulled me into the 1800s and kept me captivated and interested with every page. I really felt like I was living in that time period and caught myself talking like it once I put the book down.Amelia is a young, spunky girl, gone to live with family in order to find a suitable mate. She falls for a guy who could never be suitable to marry, someone with no prospects, and starts a whirlwind romance. Their romance was full of heat and passion, yet it was written subtly, with sweet stolen touches and kisses, which I really enjoyed. Amelia also sees glimpses of the future in the sunset each day. When word gets around she soon becomes well-known and is called on by many. But these visions may not turn out to be the gift she first thinks it to be.Zora, the girl Amelia is rooming with, is a spunky girl who fought against the rules at the same time she followed them. She toed the line and was great fun to read about as she did! I really enjoyed her funny and lively character! The other side characters all had their own distinct personalities and really added to the rich atmosphere of the story.As the book took a drastic turn and tragedy starts striking Amelia over and over again, I found myself on the edge of my seat, wondering what this poor girl would do next. The ending was extremely satisfying, all threads tied up and a great surprise that still has me smiling. I recommend this one to anyone who loves a great paranormal romance, even if you are like me and not one for historical fiction. I didn't regret branching into the genre and I don't think you will either!