Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan, Book 8)

Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison The 8th book in the Rachel Morgan series. From page one the action explodes off the page. Rachel is driving when summoned. She shows up in California to find that she's been summoned like a demon into a circle. Even more surprising, it's the Coven she's surrounded by. Rachel is on the run from the Coven throughout this whole book. Trying to get her shunning removed is now the least of her problems. She's facing being thrown in Alcatraz, being labotimized, and having her future children either taken, or being made sterile. When she's torn from all of her safety nets, the only people she can turn to are her enemies. With only Trent Kalamak, the ex-scum Nick, and Pierce to help her, she's in more trouble then ever.This book is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. It pulled all the heart-strings, one minute I was mad, the next laughing, and the next crying. Even through all the crazy turmoil Rachel stays true to character and you'll root for her the whole way. Can't wait for the next exciting adventure.