Quarantine: The Loners, Book 1

Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas Find more of my reviews at http://www.readingangel.comI loved the action and gruesome lifestyle that was portrayed in Quarantine. The idea of all these teens locked up together in one building, living under their own codes, in their own gangs, just trying to survive was awesome. Most of the time I felt like I was watching a movie play out in my head, which always makes for a really fun read for me.I really liked David and Will as main characters. I love reading from a male POV and David was fantastic. He went from being a sad boy who had lost his mother and was dumped by his girlfriend, to the always protective older brother, to an incredible leader of a rag-tag gang. David made a great leader and I loved watching him come into that role. Will was also a great counterpart for David. While he was annoying at time it was because he always felt overshadowed and unappreciated by his brother. Lucy was prissy, but also learned how to stand up for herself and take up for herself and I really liked her character. Also, the bad guys were bad ass!! Sam and Hilary have a lot of depth to what makes them both tick and I loved hating on Sam! He was NASTY!!!There are a couple problems I had with Quarantine. Even though I felt like I was watching a movie in my head, I felt at least 75-100 page of it could have been cut without hurting the story any. If it would have really been a movie I would have been able to fast-forward through those more repetitive parts. I also felt that the virus was never really explained very well. I know that the kids didn't get much info on it since they were locked in the school, so we didn't either because we are only getting their POV, but it made me pull out of the story some. Some things in the story felt unrealistic, (yes I know that some things are supposed to be, but most things are NOT!) for instance, how suddenly every teen there knew how to fight, and there was enough condoms that no girls were getting pregnant. (I don't know why I think of these things, but I do! LOL). While these things did bring down my rating, I still liked the book, so they didn't bring down my reading too much.Quarantine was an action-packed book that was gruesome, hard-core, and yet still managed to weave in elements of family, friendship, loyalty, and romance. While it had it's flaws I would still recommend it to fans of action, suspense, and fighting.