Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comGoddess Interrupted picks up after Kate has a summer away on earth. She returns to the underworld to be with her new husband Henry and to begin their lives together, and her reign with him of the Underworld. I really enjoyed Goddess Test, so I couldn't wait to begin Goddess Interrupted and see where it would take us, unfortunately I was a little let down.The number one thing I liked in Goddess Test was that Kate grew to be such a strong character. She has been through so much and she really learned to struggle through it and come out on the other side. I think in this one she just lost that, and that is what I did not like about Goddess Interrupted. Kate was so whiny through-out the entire book. I know that some times we are going to get some teen angst and whine in YA books. Most times I don't mind it, but when it is all there is from the main character from beginning to end, with no sense of self, no strength, no self-confidence, I just can't get past it. With Kate in Goddess Interrupted, I could not get past it, even though I desperately wanted to.The rest of the story line I really enjoyed, so it was a shame that Kate's inner dialogue ruined the feel of the book to that point for me. I loved where the plot went with the Titan. I ADORED Persephone!! She was probably my favorite part of the entire book! There was also some really good twists and turns that I really liked.That crazy ending - HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN!! Let's just say that it was the books saving grace for me and will have me still rushing to grab the next book when it hits shelves. Hopefully Kate has moved passed her insecurities by then and I will be back to loving book 3 like I did Goddess Test!