Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Find more of my reviews at Oh sweet sexy rock genius fingers, how I adore thee. I was first introduced to Olivia Cunning through another series, One Night With Sole Regret. I have since devoured that series and had to move on the Sinners immediately. I think I will forever be a Cunning fan after being so well played by the wonderful Master Sinclair!!The Sinners is one of the most sexy rock bands to ever grace the pages of a book! Brian, the guitarist, is the lead of this book, but we get to learn about (and pine for) the rest of the band as well. There is Sed, the cocky lead singer; Trey, the sexy and lickable rhythm guitarist; Jace, the pretty but oh-so-naughty bassist; and Eric, the fun and flirty drummer. While I do love them all, I'm so glad that Myrna picks Brian, because that man is exactly what she needs and he precedes to play her body like an instrument.Myrna is a teacher, but not just any type of teacher, she's a sex-ed professor. She's all kinds of naughty under those prim and proper suits. I love how Myrna is such a strong woman, with such a well developed since of self. Even though she was damaged from the actions of a past abusive relationship, she is still an amazing lady that whips a whole tour bus of rock stars in to shape!Backstage Pass was full of yummy sex scenes, rock stars that will leave you drooling, and a romance that is passionate and sweet. Olivia Cunning is quickly becoming on of my favorites and I know she will be an auto-buy for me! I can't wait to read each of these sexy Sinner's stories. If you like your rockers sexy and sex to rock, I suggest you lose yourself to the Sinners!