Perception (Clarity Series #2)

Perception - Kim Harrington I adored book one, Clarity, for it's originality and it's great creative mystery. I was really excited to dive back into the world of Clare and her eccentric family and the hot hot boys that are in her life. Perception, while still really enjoyable, was just not as great as Clarity was for me.In Perception we see Clare starting to make a new friend, seriously trying to decide between the two boys in her life, and solve a murder mystery in her town. Mostly the murder took a back seat and the boys, stalker and new friend were what drove the story. Clare's family weren't as involved in the story this time around, and their relationship in Clarity was one of the main things that made me love it. I think that Clare really did show some growth as a person in Perception. She really started to come out of her shell and stand up for herself against the bullies in her school and the mean girls. I loved seeing this side of her. Also, she really learned a lot about herself and what she wanted and really listened to her heart. You have to love a girl who follows her heart! I did miss that Clare's psychic abilities were not used or shown nearly as much as I would have liked. It seemed to take a backseat to everything else and I would have liked to see it used a lot more.Perception is a solid mystery, but I did guess most of the twists before they came. Still an extremely fun read and great characters that I enjoyed spending time with. I hope Kim Harrington has more plans for Clare and the gang in the future!