Empty - Suzanne Weyn I think Empty had the potential to turn me into one of those crazy paranoid people who hoard food in their basement and build their own power source, and hoard all the necessities like toilet paper, and toothpaste, shampoo, ect. The fact that the complete meltdown of our world, like what happens in this book, is a really possibility for us in the near future, is so so scary!Empty follows along with 3 teens, who live 3 completely different lives, as they deal with the fallout of our society falling apart without oil. From Nicki, the super rich girl, to Tom, the sweet down-to-earth regular guy, to Leila, the self-sufficient hard-core girl who's been taking care of herself for years. It was great to see it from all of the different perspective, and then to see that once it came down to it, the rich fall just as far as the poor.I took it down to 4 butterflies instead of 5 because there were times that it went on a little much about what could be done to fix everything, instead of the action and the fallout everyone was dealing with. Overall though this was a fast paced read that will leave you reeling thinking about how to deal with this very real possibility of our future.