Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson Series #5)

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs really enjoy this series. Mercy is such a fun character, strong and independent, yet she has her moments of weakness as well. She's flawed and likable. Mercy gets to go through another exciting journey on this book....Mercy is in possession of a special fae book, and the fae want it back, only problem is that she isn't sure giving it back is such a good idea for the rest of the world. While dealing with fae attacks she's also dealing with Sam having his wolf in control and her growing relationship with Adam.Not everyone in the pack is accepting of Mercy being in their pack or being their Alphas mate, and they are using the pack bonds to try to sabitage the relationship. Mercy will be shocked to find out who is really her friend and who isn't.This book was full of action, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. At the same time it had a great romantic back story and keep your emotions flying right along with the characters. It will tug at your heart and having you turning the pages so fast you might get paper cuts :-) Great read!