Tyger Tyger (The Goblin Wars Series #1)

Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton Tyger Tyger is a great new addition in the fantasy world. Planted firmly in Irish lure, this book pulled me in from the very beginning. I really enjoyed the way the goblin world was created and how it was told in pieces through-out the book by the characters telling old Irish tales. It was a unique spin on the sidhe for me. I saw a lot of similarities to other sidhe lure, but a lot of new takes on it as well.I really think the characters and their relationships was what made this book so great for me. I loved that Teagan was such a put together young lady. Very focused on her future and goals. It was great to see a happy functional family, which is something I've been missing a lot lately in the YA genre. This is a kid who actually likes her little brother instead of thinking of him as a constant pest, and enjoys spending time with her parents. I think one of my favorite parts was when the family would work out the schedule after dinner where one of them reads out loud to the others while they cleaned up the kitchen. It may be something I pick up with my family!The rest of the cast was great as well. Tea's best friend Abby was a in-your-face, loyal to the very end, kind of girl. She was a lot of fun. Finn MacCumhaill was a super hot Irish boy (accent and all, YUM) who was strong and passionate and quite the gentlemen. Aiden, Teagan's little brother, was a smart and funny little boy. I'm really glad that he was included in the whole book and taken on the adventure too, instead of just left behind like in most stories. This was really great for me since my little brother is my best friend, and I definitely wouldn't have left him behind with some random sitter!!! Mamieo was another great addition, she was strong willed, but soft at heart, and I really enjoyed reading all of her conversations.Overall, this was an entertaining read that kept me guessing what would happen next. I enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to see where Kersten Hamilton will take this series with the next installment.