The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley Series #3)

The Devil's Due - Jenna Black I love this series! Morgan is one kick-ass chick, but she always knows her faults and admits them. In this book Morgan is approached by a mother that claims her son has been taken over by a demon against his will, but all evidence shows that it was a legal demon...As Morgan digs deeper and realizes that the boy, a member of God's Wraith (the demon hate group), was actually a part of something else all together, and now, it's getting more personal. With thugs coming to beat her and warn her off and a scary hostage situation, she has to put her trust into Raphael, but will he really help, or will he betray her as soon as he gets the chance?This book had alot less sex then the last 2 books, only 1 breif scene. It was suspence and action and just an all around great read. Can't wait for book 4 coming in July!!