Hotter Than Hell (Hell on Earth Series #3)

Hotter Than Hell - Jackie Kessler Duanuan loves being a demon of lust. Great benefits, all the sex he could ever want. He had no ambitions of moving up. Then one day, Pan, the King of Lust, tells Duan that he wants Duan to be the new Prince of Lust. How could he refuse? Only catch is that he has to seduce and damn a good soul meant for Heaven. As icing on the cake the meatpie that Pan has picked is the spitting image of Jezebel, the sexy seductress that left hell, and Duan for Earth and love. UGH!Duan thinks that the seduction will be a quick and easy job, after all, he's been seducing women for thousands of years. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love with the beautiful, charming, and fragile Virginia.As an added difficulty, all of hells elite is coming after him. Someone from hell has put a bounty on his head. If quitting this assignment was an option Duan would pick it, but the only out is his death.How will he ever pull this one off in time???I really liked this book. I think Duan is such a fun character and Virginia was easy to fall in love with. Plus, there was flashes of the sexy Jesse, who has kept us captivated for the last 2 books.With a very unexpected ending this book was a great read.