Falling For Her Fiance: An Accidentally in Love Novel (Entangled: Bliss)

Falling For Her Fiance - Cindi Madsen Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comFalling For Her Fiance was just an all around fun romance. Dani and Wes are great together. I have always been the person who roots for the best friends to fall in love. With this story, you get two best friends who decide to be pretend fiances for big events they have coming up. What they don't realize, is that this crazy love is going to sneak up on them both and bash them over the heads.I really loved both Dani and Wes. They are fun, athletic and energetic. They make sure to be adventurous and always have a good time together. They are there for each other, no matter what. While Dani can be a little more serious, and Wes a little more impulsive, they bring out the best in each other. I think that is what everyone is looking for.I could not help but to root for Dani and Wes to get together! Since we are reading from both of their perspectives, there were times that I just wanted to scream at them both "You love each other you idiots, get on with it already!!" Of course, I understood that they couldn't read each others minds, and had legitimate fears of ruining their friendship. You can't blame a girl for wanting a little kissing action though!!Falling For Her Fiance was a delightful couple hours that had me laughing and smiling all the way through. If you like romances that are fun (I know, I've said that word so many times in this review, but you should get the point by now, right?!?!) and engaging, this one is for you!