Apollyon: The Fourth Covenant Novel

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comWe all know I am a hardcore Covenant fan-girl. It was a really hard choice for me what to rate this book, but I eventually had to decide to mark it down to a 4-star. Of course, that means I still thought it was really great, I just had a few bones to pick with it, and it was enough that I had to take a star off.Let’s start from the top. I am an Aiden girl all the way! So the entire first part of the book was just hard for me. This had nothing to do with the writing, it was actually really good! Just seeing the Alex that I am used to, a girl who is normally so very strong willed, be reduced to that was heart-wrenching. If you’ve read the free-download Elixir than you can figure out what head space Alex starts the book out in. I thought it was hard reading it in Elixir, but reading it from Alex’s head was so much worse. I was beyond happy when that part was over. I never wanted to read the words “My Seth” again (as I’m sure Aiden didn’t want to hear them…)!The next part of the book is where I start to have a little trouble. The book starts to drag a little. Things seem a little too fleshed out in parts. Then we will have a harrowing journey that ends with a much too simple solution that leaves me scratching my head. The big reveal of the big mystery comes, and instead of Alex figuring anything out, or a fun reveal, it was like “poof” there it is…I just felt like some things were too rushed.Aiden, oh Aiden. He was the best part of Apollyon. He was romantic, strong and incredibly devoted. While I am a Aiden fan-girl, I did take note of the serious lack of Seth. I hope to see more of the dastardly dude in Sentinel. I think he will have some surprises up his sleeve for us and I really want to see what he can bring to the table in the final book. I have some high hopes for Sentinel, and how the Covenant Series is all going to come to an end.