Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid - Rhonda Stapleton Felicity needs a job, so when she sees an add for a matchmaking company called Cupid's Hollow, she thinks it might just be the perfect gig. Once hired she learns that not only is she now a matchmaker, she is now a cupid! Felicity is givin a PDA, one that is magical, it sends emails instead of arrows, the latest cupid technology. But Felicity soon finds out that being a cupid isn't as easy as she thought it would be. She's made her first love match, two kids from school, and it seems to be going well. Her best friend Maya is a great girl, but a little shy. So Felicity decides to match up Maya, but she wants to give Maya choices, so she matches her to 3 guys that Felicity thinks will be perfect for her. But, she learns quickly that there is a reason for the one match to each person rule. With Maya torn between the 3 guys, Felicity has to try to fix the problem, before something crazy happens to her friend, and before she loses her new job. This is a really cute YA read that shows that love isn't always as predictible as we would like for it to be. I'm looking forward to the next read in this series, it will be fun to see what kind of trouble Felicity manages to get herself into this time.