My Worst Best Friend

My Worst Best Friend - Dyan Sheldon An entertaining read about best friends, worst friends, and the trouble some people can have telling the difference between the two. This book was a quick read that was light and fun while dealing with something a little more heavy. The thing that it really makes you realize is that sometimes you just have to let people go, even if it hurts, to make your life better.Gracie was a great character, she was smart, and tough, and very concerned with the environment. She was the complete opposite of her best friend Savannah, who is the ultimate it girl. Savannah is a fly by the seat of her pants, worry about the consequences if they come type of girl. They had figured out that sometimes opposites attract, and they become best friends who are thick as thieves. The problems start when Savannah starts using Gracie as her alibi (without even telling her) and causing Gracie to lie to the people she loves. I really couldn't stand Savannah, she was very self-involved and was constantly using Gracie and not thinking anything about her feelings. She really was a horrible best friend and I was screaming at Gracie all the way through the book to open her eyes and see what was going on! Gracie's love interest, Cooper, was probably my favorite character of the book. He was funny and quirky and just an excellent guy that was such a joy to read. I suggest this book to all YA lovers. By the time the book is through you'll either be much more appreciative of your best friend, or you'll be realizing you need a new one!!