Trance - Linda Gerber This was such a quick fun read. I flew through it in about half a day. Ashlyn is dealing with the death of her mother. Her sister, who she has always be so close to, took off as soon as it happened. Now Ashlyn is alone in the house with only her father, who stays locked away in his office or at work. She's trying to get back to her regular routine, working, etc., but suddenly the trances are back. Can she prevent the death this time?I had originally gave this book a 5 rating, but having read it recently, I find that I'm already forgetting most of it and had to refresh my memory just to begin this review. Since it was so forgettable, I had to take it down to a 4.The romance was very sweet and developed in a very natural way, which is something I really look for in YA anymore. The reason behind Ashlyn's trances was explained very well and was really unique to me. I loved the kooky pregnant girl that Ashlyn works at the photo place in the mall. She was probably my favorite part of the book.Overall, this was a entertaining read, and very enjoyable. I was able to dive through it no time and it was a great way to send a few hours. Also, while this book is definitely YA, it's also great for MG as well. It's very clean and touches on learning to deal with lose and learning to find yourself.