A Tangle of Knots

A Tangle of Knots - Lisa Graff Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comA Tangle of Knots had a lot of great things going for it. I loved that the fantasy feel of it was still so steeped in reality. It was close to the magical realism that I love so much in Sarah Addison Allen's writing. Each person is just like you or me, except everyone has one thing in particular they are good at, a Talent. It can be something as amazing as floating instead of walking, or something as simple as being a great whistler. If they don't have a particular talent then they are called a "fair".A Tangle of Knots was told from multiple character point of views. As the story plays out we get to see how the fate of these characters are very carefully woven together like a knot. I think that the multiple point of views worked well for what the story wanted, my problem with it was that there were too many POVs for how short the book really was. Some of the characters just didn't feel as fleshed out, and some didn't even feel as needed for the story as others. Since there was so many character POV chapters thrown at you so quickly at the beginning, it was also difficult to keep up with who was who for awhile.A Tangle of Knots ended up being a fun tale of family, adventure, cakes, how fate knots us all together, and how life is what you make of what fate throws at you. While I had a few problems with some of the execution, A Tangle of Knots was a quick read that I still found to be an enjoyable way to spend my evening.