Spellcaster - Cara Lynn Shultz Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI really enjoyed Spellbound so I was excited to see where Spellcaster would take us. I'm happy to report that it was all that I enjoyed in Spellbound and more. After Emma and Brendan get their happy ever after at the end of Spellbound they are ready to ride off into the sunset, but we all know with a sequel in the mix that's not very likely, and Spellcaster throws all kinds of nasty their way! I just love when nasty gets thrown around!!So, Emma and Brendan are soul mates. Yep, I spoiled it for you. Hate me for the spoiler if you must, but it's right there in the description of this book, so oy vey. We all know that could get really cheesy really fast, but Cara Lynn Shultz does it with style and grace! I just love Brendan and Emma together! They are just such a normal teen couple. They constantly crack me up with little barbs and inside jokes and ribbing on each others friends, yet they are also incredibly sweet together. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that Brendan is HOT!!)Another thing I adored in Spellcaster is that we get a couple scenes from Angelique's POV. I think it really added a great new depth to the book and to those particular scenes that would have been completely lost otherwise. I love love love Angelique's character, so getting scenes in her POV was such a bonus for me! She is so snarky and witty and just plain fabulous!The plot and pace of Spellcaster were just right. I loved that magic was more of a central focus this time and we get to see so much more of it in this book. Spellcaster was a lot more fast paced than Spellbound, which I really enjoyed. If you like magic, romance, snark, and wit, then definitely give the Spellbound series a go!