A Beautiful Evil

A Beautiful Evil - Kelly Keaton Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comAri is gearing up. She is studying battle techniques and even trying to tap into to the one thing about her that she hates the most, her powers. Anything to give her an edge against Athena when she faces her again to try to get Violet and her father back. What she doesn't realize is that the battle may come sooner than she expects, and of course this centuries old goddess is always going to have something crazy up her sleeve.I really enjoyed A Beautiful Evil. I think one of my favorite parts is all the great settings. Kelly Keaton really draws you into this world of New Orleans having areas that is overrun by monsters, and these old plantation houses, and it's so vivid and amazing. When we're taken to the realm of Athena, I loved all the details of the run down temple and then the lush temple full of parties and gardens. I also really liked that while the relationship still progressed it wasn't the main focus of the story. There were a lot of great moments between the love interests, but the story had a great balance between the action, and romance. While there was several things that were left open for another book or books, there was no leave you crazy and angry cliffhanger, and I'm excited to see where the storyline will be going from here. The Monsters and Gods series is one that I love to pick up and lose myself into for a day. If you like mythology, action, and all those things, I suggest grabbing book one, Darkness Becomes Her, ASAP!