Love & Leftovers

Love & Leftovers - Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI adore novels in verse, so of course I had to read Love and Leftovers as soon as I possibly could. I was expecting something light and fun, but what I found was that Love and Leftovers was a great contemporary that dealt with some real issues and did it well. Marcie is pulled away from her home and her modge-podge group of friends, that she calls the leftovers, and her boyfriend, and moved out to their family summer home in New Hampshire. What is supposed to be for the summer ends up being much longer and Marcie is enrolled in school. While Marcie is so lonely and upset, she soon meets this sweet and adorable boy who brings her breakfast and coffee and just doesn't seem to go away. It's not long before they start a sweet whirlwind romance.OK, normally I hate books that have characters that cheat. I hate the characters that cheat. Love and Leftovers really dealt with that issue in a way that I just couldn't hate Marcie. I really liked her, and felt for her situation and what she was going through. Sarah Tregay also really dealt with issues of intimacy from a girl's level that I ADORED!!!Love and Leftovers was a great contemporary verse novel that was cute and fun, but also had depth and edge. Full of a great mix of characters that were relateable and entertaining, and verse that was smooth and flowed. I recommend picking this one up next time you're in the mood for a good contemporary or verse book!