In Honor

In Honor - Jessi Kirby Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comIn Honor was one of my most anticipated read of 2012. I adore a good road trip book, and the description for In Honor had me dying to read it. When I finally got a chance to open it up I devoured the entire thing in one sitting. It was so breathtakingly beautiful and amazing from beginning to end and I just could not stop reading.I loved going on this trip with Honor and Rusty. Watching them both deal with their grief of losing Finn and deal with the issues that they have had with each other was heart-wrenching and emotional, yet the whole book was laced with so many hilarious moments as well. I keep marking down what I thought would be my favorite sweet moment, or my favorite funny moment in a notebook, only to jot another one down that topped it just a few minutes later. Rusty is one fine, fine male. I love his character so much. He is snarcastic and at times angry, yet he's there for Honor all the way, and I just fell more and more in love with him with every turn of the page. Honor is a great main character. I love her attitude, her style, everything about her. She was so easy to sympathize with and to relate to. Even Finn, who is gone, never feels gone. I love that through Honor and Rusty's memories of him together it felt like I was getting to know a third character on this road trip.I have a very strong feeling that In Honor will be going into my Top 10 of the year list this year, it is just that amazing. I already want to pick it up and re-read it all over again. Please, please, please, go and order this book, read it, and then come and chat me up about how amazing Rusty and Honor are!! I need more people to gush about with this one, because that is all I want to do!Favorite quote: "Do you want me to lick it for you" - Rusty