A Midsummer's Nightmare

A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI adore Kody Keplinger's writing. Her books are always very fresh and have some of the most real feeling teen characters. I feel Kody just has a way of being more honest in her books than I'm used to seeing and it's very refreshing. That's just one of the reasons that I loved The Duff as much as I did.A Midsummer's Nightmare has a hilarious plot but also has some very sad and hard hitting issues. Whitley goes to spend what she thinks will be her last fun summer with her Dad before college, only to find that he has moved in with a fiance that didn't know about and her two kids. What's even worse is her soon-to-be-stepbrother is the same boy she just happened to have a one night stand with on graduation night. Soon her fun loving summer begins to spiral out of control. Her father has no time for her, and in fact doesn't seem to notice she exists. Just like her mother hasn't for years. Although her new family is trying to be welcoming, all Whitley wants is her Dad to spend time with her. Then the website happens...I really enjoyed Whitley's character. She was acting out in all the wrong ways, trying to get attention from her parents, but she was funny and still a great kid. Plus, she loves old music and she's quirky! I could have done without so much bad language, as it seemed to overrun the book for awhile, and personally I just don't like to read it when it's so prevalent, but it did fit her character. I ADORED Nathan from the beginning. He is geeky and sweet. He tries to welcome Whitley into the family even after she was the one to ditch him after the one night stand. He's the type of guy every girl should hope to find. Little sweet Bailey was the little sister that Whitley needed, someone who look up to her, and I loved that kid. Charmingly handsome and stylish Harrison was also a great character. Nathan and Bailey's mom was super sweet as well! Kody Keplinger does a great job of making very well rounded and likable supporting characters!A Midsummer's Nightmare was a typical Kody Keplinger novel, in that she hits you with issues in YA novels that are in your face and exactly what most teens are going through. Sex, cyberbullying, parental issues, family dynamics, lack of self-esteem, it's all here, and Kody pulls if all off with aplomb once again!