A Want So Wicked

A Want So Wicked - Suzanne Young Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comThis review WILL include spoilers to A Need So Beautiful!!Having just recently read A Need So Beautiful and loving it, the events were fresh in my mind going in to A Want So Wicked. It's not often I get to read books in a series almost back to back anymore and I remember now why I loved doing so! It really makes book 2 so much easier to fall into! That said, A Want So Wicked does not necessarily need to be read back-to-back. While there is not a lot of traditional recap, Elise has to learn about her past life, and as she does you get the glimpses and the recap from the past book that you would need.Suzanne Young blows me away with her unique and gorgeous writing in this series. I love the way that these books completely draw me in. From the moment I picked up A Want So Wicked I did not want to put it down until I found out exactly what was going to happen to Elise. You know those times when you are telling yourself "just 10 more minutes" and the next thing you know you only have 15 pages left and it's 2 hours later? Yeah, that's how it was with me and A Want So Wicked.I really enjoyed the way that Elise's character was different from Charlotte and yet you could still see her shining through at the same time (pun intended). Harlin was just as dreamy and swoon-worthy as always. I swear, that boy could come sweep me away on his motorcycle any day! I also ADORED Elise's Dad! He was so funny and caring, and I adored seeing a Dad that was present and reminded me of my own. There were also some characters that provided some great surprises and twists to this story and I loved every one of them!! A Want So Wicked was a fantastic follow-up to A Need So Beautiful that had me on the edge of my seat and left me completely satisfied. I can not wait to read more by Suzanne Young. If you haven't started this series yet I don't know what's holding you back, but I suggest you get started!