Never Enough

Never Enough - Denise Jaden Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comNever Enough is an extremely emotional contemporary book. I cried so hard at one point that my husband walked through to find out what the heck was wrong with me. I devoured the entire 400 pages in one day because I just couldn't leave the lives of these characters behind until I had reached the end of their story.Loann has always tried to live up to the heights that her amazing sister reaches. Claire is popular, beautiful, a good student, and has the one guy that Loann has been in love with forever. Loann always feels like she is never enough for anyone. It's not long into the story before Loann loses the few friends she does have, but luckily she meets Marcus. I love Loann and Marcus's friendship. It was so slow building and true. Marcus was such a sweet character. Even though he was dealing with a lot of difficult things at home he always knew exactly what Loann needed and was there for her.Claire, Loann's seemingly perfect sister, is only perfect on the outside. Hiding it from everyone, she is dealing with a very very dangerous eating disorder. Denise Jaden did such an amazing job with this. You really saw how one girl struggled so hard to be perfect and how hard she worked to hide what she was doing. The lengths she would go to, and how much it could tear one family apart. Never Enough hit on just a few issue of self-esteem, but the greater meaning was there for all to see. We all feel like we are never enough sometimes, and if you don't move past it, that can become something that can tear you apart from the inside out. I think everyone can relate to this book and I loved every second of it. It broke my heart into a thousand pieces and put them back together again. I can't wait for more from Denise Jaden.