Serial Hottie

Serial Hottie - Kelly Oram Find more of my reviews at Serial Hottie is an extremely fun coming of age story about a tomboy who is finally breaking out of her shell and becoming a girl that all the boys start to notice. Too bad all this happens right when a serial killer is stalking girls who just happen to look just like her, and her new crush across the street fits the serial killer profile just right! Although me and sister Angela share a name, I am much more of a kindred spirit with main character Ellie. Ellie is a hard-core tomboy - rough and tumble through and through. I can so clearly remember that summer when I came into puberty and all the guys I had always hung out with for years suddenly realized I was a girl. Like with Ellie and her friends, it led to a lot of hilarious and lewd comments and embarrassing moments. Reliving all of this happening with Ellie and her crew of boys was so much fun for me. The guys in her neighborhood are so funny and brought back a lot of great memories for me.On the opposite end of the rest of those boys, you have Seth. The new boy across the street is suave and sexy and mysterious. Just the kind of guy that would normally go for Angela, yet he is constantly in pursuit of Ellie, even when she does nothing but blow him off. I love that although Seth makes Ellie swoon she doesn't take any of his crap and stands up for herself, she's always on the defense. Even though he's the first guy to show her that kind of attention, and he's super hot, she's not a puddle of goo at his feet.Now, there were a few times that I had a little trouble with the reality of their situation. She was very naive at times and it would get on my nerves. Her still being alone with him, or going out with him when she was so sure he was a serial killer, was just way off for me, which is why I had to knock it down a rating.Serial Hottie is not just a great coming of age story and a cute romance though. You also get a very intriguing mystery. I was constantly trying to figure out who our serial killer was, and I'm normally really good at guessing these things. I actually didn't get this one until right before our main character did so it was a big surprise! Serial Hottie has something for everyone; mystery, romance, comedy, and more. I would recommend this one for sure!